Build a beach chair yourself and save a lot of money

Build a beach chair yourself and save a lot of money

Where can you get the assembly instructions from?

If you have built garden furniture or other furniture yourself, you can also make a beach chair. However, you have to spend a little time doing this. You should also be familiar with tools and be able to use them safely.

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So that you can build the beach chair yourself, you need assembly instructions. If you don't trust yourself to design your own blueprint, you will find many offers on the net. Some of them are even free. The advantage of these instructions is that they contain lists of all the materials and tools you need. You can simply drive it to the hardware store and get wood and other parts.

The step-by-step instructions are aimed primarily at craftsmen who have not yet gained so much experience with building furniture for the garden.

Materials for the beach chair

Original beach chairs are made from a wickerwork of rattan or other types of wood. This material cannot be used for self-construction. As a rule, a self-made beach chair consists of wooden panels that are screwed together accordingly. They can be individually designed with colorful varnishes.

Use types of wood such as larch and Douglas fir for high-quality beach chairs that you can build yourself. This is more expensive, but the wood is largely weatherproof. Spruce is a little cheaper. You save even more money if you rely on glued wooden panels or Euro pallets (€ 16.99 on Amazon *).

You can get used Euro pallets from commercial dealers who have taken them out of service. A beach chair made from pallets is certainly the cheapest way to build a beach chair yourself.

Which tools are used?

To build a beach chair yourself, you need at least the following tools:

  • Circular saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Milling machine
  • Grinding machine
  • hammer
  • drill

You can also borrow equipment that you do not own yourself at the hardware store.

How long does it take to build it yourself?

Building a beach chair is more complex than building a garden table or bench. You have to cut a lot more parts and sand them down if necessary.

You also have to factor in waiting times for the paint to dry. You should expect at least four days.

Build a beach chair yourself from pallets

Pallets are an inexpensive alternative for building a beach chair. You need at least four of these, eight pallets for two-seaters. The pallets are screwed onto one another and thus form the seat of the basket.

The side parts are made from glued wooden panels or other types of wood, depending on the instructions. They are screwed to the pallets on three sides so that the desired basket shape is created.

Above all, sand the pallets well before assembly. The wood is very rough and you can easily pull in splinters. To make the beach chair as robust as possible, you should impregnate the wood to make it less sensitive to moisture and dirt.

Build a beach chair out of spruce or larch

A beach chair made of wood such as spruce or larch is more expensive. Therefore, you have to be particularly careful here that you cut all components exactly. If you are not confident enough, get help at the hardware store.

The wood should be sanded in all rough places before building it. You can paint the beach chair in color when it is assembled.

Cut the cushions and upholstery

No beach chair is perfect without pillows, an awning and a covering. Make cushions out of foam. You can get foam in the appropriate markets. The thickness should be at least six centimeters and more so that you can sit comfortably later.

Attach an awning on top of the beach chair as a roof. It is particularly beneficial if you can pull out this awning in order to have sun protection later.

The colors of the upholstery and cushions should match the colors of the awning and the covering of the beach chair. There are no limits to your creativity.

Fabrics for covering awnings and cushions

Use a fabric that is as durable as possible as the material for decorating the beach chair. It must be tear-resistant, water-repellent and easy to clean. Special awning fabric is very suitable. Oilcloth is ideal for children. If the little ones mess with drinks or cake, you can simply wipe off the mess.

Of course, you can also use stronger cotton fabrics. However, you should impregnate these beforehand so that you can clean them more easily later.

If you sew pillowcases yourself, work in zippers or snaps. The covers can then be easily removed later and machine washed.


A beach chair can be integrated into any garden. With the right decoration, it becomes an eye-catcher and invites you to rest and relax.