Freezing raspberries - preserving fruits gently

Freezing raspberries - preserving fruits gently

What you need to freeze

  • Well cleaned raspberries
  • Baking sheet or plate
  • Freezer bags and clips
  • Possibly. Vacuum pump

Freeze only very fresh raspberries

You have to process raspberries very quickly. Even in the fridge they can only last for a day.

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Pick the raspberries on the dryest day possible. The less moisture there is on the fruit, the shorter it will take for them to freeze through. They also don't get so mushy when thawing.

Prepare raspberries for freezing

If your freezer does not have a blast freeze program, set it to the lowest temperature for a few hours beforehand.

Remove all leaves and other parts of the plant. Sort out raspberries with maggots, rot or mold. You should not wash yourself harvested raspberries!

Place the fruits side by side on the baking sheet or plate so that they do not touch. Cover the tray with plastic wrap or pull a freezer bag over the plate.


Put the prepared raspberries in the bottom of the freezer. The temperatures are the lowest there.

Let the fruits freeze for two to three hours.

Fill into freezer bags and close airtight

After pre-freezing, take out the tray and carefully place the raspberries in a freezer bag. Avoid too much pressure so that the fruits do not stick together.

Blow the air out of the bag or use a vacuum pump. The less air there is in the bag, the fewer vitamins are lost.

Seal the bag tightly and place it back in the freezer. Set the temperature back to -18 degrees.

storage time

Frozen raspberries can be kept in the freezer for at least six months. It is important that they do not thaw in between.

Thawing frozen raspberries

Raspberries must be thawed very carefully. They quickly become mushy and are then only suitable for cooking.

Remove the desired amount of raspberries from the freezer bag. Put them on a deep plate and cover it with aluminum foil or cling film.

Let the raspberries thaw in cool temperatures. The refrigerator is best suited for this. This will prevent the fruit from taking on an unpleasant aftertaste.

Use of thawed raspberries

The thawed raspberries are very suitable for fruit cakes or as a decoration for cream cakes.

Raspberries from the freezer are also popular as an ingredient in fruit salads.

Tips & Tricks

Raspberries from the supermarket or weekly market should be washed carefully before freezing. Avoid too hard water pressure and use a plastic sieve. Then let the fruits drain well.

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