Cherry laurel: Pretty container plant for the balcony and terrace

Cherry laurel: Pretty container plant for the balcony and terrace

Choose short-stature varieties

Unlike cherry laurel in the garden, the wood in the tub grows more slowly and is less tall.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to choose laurel cherry species such as Otto Luyken, Mount Vernon or Low'n Green for balcony culture, which are by nature rather slow-growing.

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The size of the planter

The roots of the cherry laurel need a lot of space to develop. The pot width should be at least twice the root ball and leave enough space for the roots in depth.

Which substrate is suitable for cherry laurel in a pot?

The wood can be placed in conventional balcony or green plant soil. Top soil from the garden, which you can enrich with a little compost or horn shavings (€ 6.39 on Amazon *), is also suitable.

Don't forget to water and fertilize

Since the cherry laurel evaporates a lot of water through the leaf surface, it needs daily watering in the hot summer months. The wood acknowledges drought with a brown or yellow coloration of the foliage.

Make sure that the irrigation water can run off well, as the cherry laurel is sensitive to waterlogging. We recommend pouring away excess water in the saucer after a while. Fertilize the cherry laurel every four to six weeks from spring to the end of August with liquid mineral fertilizer or horn meal.

Does the container plant have to be cut?

So that the cherry laurel does not grow over your head, you should cut the wood on the balcony regularly. The same rules must be observed here that also apply to cherry laurel in the garden.

Spring is the best time to cut back the wood. The laurel cherry is very easy on cutting; You can always make small corrective cuts during the growing season.

Wintering of the laurel cherry

In preparation for the winter, the planter is well insulated with styrofoam or bubble wrap. Move the pot to a protected area on the balcony and provide the wood with water on frost-free days.

Tips & Tricks

Since the cherry laurel is poisonous, you should avoid cultivating it on the balcony in households with small children. Wear gloves during all work due to the toxicity.