How high is the growth of thuja emerald?

How high is the growth of thuja emerald?

What is the annual growth rate of Thuja Emerald?

With good care and in a favorable location, the Thuja Smaragd grows 20 cm in length per year. It rather grows in height and remains narrow on the sides.

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It takes a few years for a thuja emerald to reach a height of 1.50 meters. You can of course buy taller trees, but they are more expensive.

How To Accelerate The Growth Of Thuja Emerald

Thuja emerald's growth can be accelerated a bit by fertilizing it at the right time. You can use slow release fertilizers for this in the spring.

It is even better to supply the tree of life with organic fertilizer materials such as compost, manure and horn shavings (€ 6.39 on Amazon *) while planting. Give this fertilizer later in spring and late summer.

A mulch cover also has a beneficial effect on the growth of the Thuja Smaragd. Suitable materials are:

  • leaves
  • Lawn clippings
  • Bark mulch

Thuja emerald does not need to be severely cut

Due to the medium-fast growth, you do not have to cut a thuja emerald too often or too strongly. In terms of width, it is usually sufficient to shorten protruding side shoots.


Thuja Smaragd doesn't particularly like it when it is too dense in the hedge, for example. This will delay growth. In the worst case, the tree of life turns brown and dies.