Planting pumpkin seeds - this is how it works with flying colors

Planting pumpkin seeds - this is how it works with flying colors

Growing in-house for vital pumpkin plants

On average, a pumpkin takes more than 100 days to mature. Under the local climatic conditions, the culture quickly comes under time pressure. Knowledgeable hobby gardeners prevent this by preferring the pumpkin seeds behind glass. Such a measure creates an advantageous growth advantage compared to direct sowing.

  • The time window for sowing opens in mid / late April
  • Let the pumpkin seeds soak in warm water for 24 hours
  • fill small pots with nutrient-poor seed soil
  • Place one pumpkin seed each flat, approx. 2 cm deep, in the substrate
  • Moisten carefully, cover with foil or put in the greenhouse

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At a constant temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, growth is now proceeding rapidly. Germination starts within 1 week. This is the signal to place the seedlings lighter and a little cooler at 18 degrees Celsius. After a total of 4 weeks, each pumpkin seed has turned into a vigorous little plant that now wants to be planted in the bed.

Plant out after the ice saints

If there is no longer any fear of ground frost from mid-May, the pumpkin plants are allowed to go outside.

  • Weed thoroughly in a sunny location with nutrient-rich, humus-rich soil
  • enrich the soil with compost and horn shavings
  • Dig planting holes at a distance of more than 1 meter
  • Insert the pumpkin plants together with the seed soil and water
  • climbing varieties receive a climbing aid

Large-volume containers with a capacity of 60 to 90 liters can be used on the balcony. Of central importance is a water drainage hole in the ground, over which a drainage made of pottery shards or gravel is spread. Suitable substrate is rich in nutrients and well drained. Commercially available vegetable soil is topped up with perlite (€ 32.90 at Amazon *) or sand.

Tips & Tricks

The germination mood of pumpkin seeds can be noticeably increased with a trick. Take each core between two fingers and buff the shell with a file or sandpaper. Then soak the seeds in a two percent potassium nitrate solution for 24 hours instead of in pure water. Potassium nitrate is available for little money in any pharmacy.