Mountain palms are not poisonous to cats

Mountain palms are not poisonous to cats

The mountain palm is probably not poisonous

It is likely that a mountain palm is not poisonous for cats either. So far no toxins have been found in the leaves, flowers and stems. So far, no poisoning by mountain palm has become known.

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Still, keeping a mountain palm is not entirely advisable if a cat is part of the household.

The mountain palm exerts a great fascination on many cats, so that they chew on the fronds and trunks. There is a risk that parts of the plant will be swallowed. The palm itself doesn't get that well either.

How well do you know your cat?

Some cat lovers consider the warning against mountain palms to be exaggerated, as there is no risk of poisoning.

If you have a cat that you can rely on not to tamper with indoor plants, nothing stands in the way of caring for a mountain palm in the house. Just make sure that the plant is in a good location and stable so that it cannot accidentally tip over.

However, if you cannot rule out the possibility that the house tiger will mess with the mountain palm, you should do without the purchase.


In contrast to mountain palms, kentia and areca palms are safer for cats to keep. These are guaranteed to contain no toxins and are generally not that attractive to pets.