Cultivate peonies in the tub

Cultivate peonies in the tub

Bucket depth, bucket diameter and material

Small pots are not suitable for peonies. These plants quickly gain mass and become very large. Therefore, you should use large buckets. Plastic buckets are less suitable. Those made of terracotta, clay or stone are more suitable. They should be at least 40 cm in diameter and 50 cm deep.

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Locations that offer themselves

You are free to choose the location. It is important that the peony gets at least 4 hours of sun a day. The sunnier, the richer it will bloom. Both balconies and terraces are ideal locations. Preferably place the plant in an airy place to minimize the risk of fungal diseases.

Plant in the bucket

This is how you plant in the tub:

  • Ensure drainage holes
  • Create drainage e.g. B. from potsherds, sand, gravel or grit
  • Insert peony (herbaceous peonies 3 to 4 cm below the ground)
  • fill with a nutrient-rich substrate (potting soil is sufficient)
  • press down
  • pour on

Winter properly in the bucket

You should start winterizing your peonies from the end of October. Cut down perennial peonies and place the bucket in a sheltered place such as on the wall of a house or a wall. The root area is covered with brushwood or leaves. At temperatures below -10 ° C, the bucket should be covered with fleece or jute.

Better to put shrub peonies in tubs

Basically you should rather plant shrub peonies in a tub than herbaceous peonies. The latter take a long time to be properly rooted and therefore a long time before they bloom for the first time. In addition, they tolerate a repotting campaign rather badly than well and can also take a blooming break as a result.


If you have the opportunity, plant the peonies outdoors. Most people have had bad experiences with the plants in the bucket. Often times they don't bloom.