Watering cacti correctly - how often and with which water?

Watering cacti correctly - how often and with which water?

Water properly in every season - this is how your cacti like it

When cacti leave their winter quarters in early March, the watering can is used for the first time after the dry wintering. In parallel with the growth and flowering period, water the succulents until September according to the following premises:

  • In the first week of March shower the plants with soft water
  • Water thoroughly a week later
  • Water small cactus species again after a break of 5 to 8 days
  • For large cacti, water at four-week intervals
  • Pour the coasters out promptly to avoid waterlogging
  • Gradually shut down the water supply from September / October

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This pouring plan is for guidance only. The local conditions at the location, such as solar radiation, temperature or air humidity, influence the degree of evaporation. Therefore, please check before each watering whether the substrate has actually almost dried out.

Only soft water goes into the watering can

Hard water is taboo for caring for cacti. Therefore, please only use collected rainwater or decalcified tap water for watering. If you enjoy the privilege of having water with a degree of hardness below 14 ° dH flowing from your tap, no quality improvements are necessary.


To prepare hard tap water for the care of cacti, you can save yourself the use of chemical decalcifying agents. With peat even the most calcareous water becomes soft. To do this, hang a cotton sack with 1 liter of peat in a filled watering can for 2 to 3 days.