Can you grow watercress in a pot?

Can you grow watercress in a pot?

The ideal pot for watercress

As a water-loving plant, the watercress needs a lot of moisture. This lasts longer in a plastic pot than in a terracotta pot. Ideally, the watercress planter is one size larger than usual and the inner pot has a good drainage layer made of potsherds or coarse gravel. So the watercress can always draw water well.

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The right potting soil

The bottom at the edge of a flowing body of water is ideal for watercress. If the watercress is in the garden bed, then the soil should be a little loamy so that it retains moisture well and does not dry out so easily. A mixture of garden soil, coarse sand and some compost is recommended for growing in pots.

Sow watercress

You can easily sow watercress yourself. Use seeds that you have bought or collected yourself. You sprinkle this on potting soil and press it a little without covering it with soil, because the watercress is a light germ. At temperatures around 20 ° C and sufficient light, it will germinate after about 7 to 20 days.

The ideal location

Watercress does not tolerate blazing sun. Give it a partially shaded to shady place, it will feel more comfortable there. If you want to use watercress regularly for cooking, the ideal location is of course the kitchen. If the sun is not shining directly on the window, place the watercress on the window sill.

Pouring properly

The most important thing in caring for your watercress is getting the right water supply. This includes not only watering but also regular water changes. The watercress needs oxygen-rich water. Stale water contains practically no oxygen, so change the water in your watercress completely every two days.

The most important growing tips:

  • keep well moist
  • rather in the shade
  • change the water every two days

Tips & Tricks

As soon as your watercress is at least ten centimeters, you can start harvesting the delicately spicy, slightly hot herb.