Are orchids poisonous to cats?

Are orchids poisonous to cats?

Orchids are at the top of the toxic list

It may be related to the fact that orchids have become the most popular houseplants in Germany. Statistically speaking, tropical flowers - along with lily plants - cause the most common poisoning accidents in cats. The following species and varieties are particularly poisonous:

  • Vanilla orchid (Vanilla planifolia) and their hybrids
  • Callus orchid (Oncidium cebolleta) as well as all varieties that emerged from it
  • Butterfly orchid (Phalaenopsis) only slightly poisonous

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Although veterinary medicine does not confirm that orchids are poisonous, there are increasing warnings among cat lovers. We therefore recommend, as a precaution, to refrain from cultivating these exotic plants, even if there has been no scientifically based confirmation. At the very least, orchids should be out of reach of your house tigers.

Symptoms of poisoning with orchids

If your cat has nibbled on orchid leaves, typical symptoms of poisoning set in within a few hours. These include disorientation, cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea. Please contact the veterinarian immediately to discuss how to proceed. Ideally, you should take the remaining parts of the plant with you to the practice so that the veterinarian can adjust the treatment accordingly.


Cat friends don't just ban orchids from the house. There should also be no orchids outdoors. This does not only apply to exotic species. Local orchids such as orchids or lady's slipper tempt cats roaming around in the bed to nibble on the leaves.