Aloe vera in bloom

Aloe vera in bloom

Aloe vera is grown all over the world because of its leaves. Juice and gel for the cosmetics and food industries are obtained from the leaves. Aloe vera is popular as a houseplant for a number of reasons:

  • it tolerates the dry heating air,
  • she needs little water,
  • its leaves can help with skin injuries and diseases as well as sunburn.

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When and how does aloe vera bloom?

When aloe vera plants reach sexual maturity, they develop an inflorescence in spring that grows upright quickly and may branch out. A cluster of flower approaches forms at the end of the inflorescence. From this, tubular yellow, red or orange flowers develop. One observes how the flowers at the bottom of the grape wither, while they are still in bloom in the middle and appear as buds at the top.

How do you make aloe vera bloom?

Aloe vera flowers once a year from around the age of 3. A cool overwintering promotes flowering. A bright room with temperatures of around 10-15 ° Celsius is ideal. During this time there is no fertilization and very little watering.


Apparently, if your aloe dies after flowering, you mistook an agave for aloe. The two plants look alike. However, the agave only flowers once and then dies.