Build rose arch yourself

Build rose arch yourself

Simple construction from bamboo sticks or round wood

This very simple construction should be possible even for craftsmen who do not have too much experience with doing it themselves. For this you need four to six - depending on the desired width - stable and two meter high round timber or thin tree trunks / straight branches. Connect these with other round pieces of wood in the desired length, which are attached using wood screws, metal angles or cross braces. A rectangle or square should be created, depending on the desired shape. Attached cross struts ensure more stability, while self-made grids made of thin bamboo sticks are screwed onto the side panels.

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Construction with four square timbers

This rose arch consists of four sturdy squared timbers, which are connected to one another with the help of two cross bars. These cross bars are given stability by a connection with at least five cross bars, while the space between the square timbers is filled with a self-made wooden trellis.

Wooden construction with wire mesh

This rose arch made of wood and wire mesh is also quite simple, for which you simply anchor four square timbers in the ground and connect two with a cross brace to stabilize them. The actual arch, which connects the two frames, consists of a suitably cut wire mesh. Additional wire meshes are placed in the space between the posts and serve as a climbing aid for the roses.

Ideas for rose arches made of metal

More durable than the natural material wood are rose arches made of metal, which you can also have a specialist hot-dip galvanized. Very simple constructions consist of long reinforcement bars, which you can bend into the desired shape yourself or have them bent and then simply anchored in the ground. You can place wire mesh between the individual struts as a climbing aid or just stretch wires.

Anchoring rose arches in the ground

Regardless of which rose arch you choose, it is extremely important that it is stable through anchoring in the ground. Otherwise, the entire structure, including the roses, could be knocked down in the next storm. To do this, you set the supporting pillars in concrete - either directly in the ground or in large planters - or you can set up the pillars in large wire baskets filled with stones.


You can also widen the rose arch to create a kind of arbor or pergola. Seats can be set up underneath, where you can sit under beautiful blooming roses in summer.