How to properly care for your Celosia - tips and tricks

How to properly care for your Celosia - tips and tricks

Cockscomb or plume - the different flower shapes

The Celosia argentea and its subspecies usually have plume-like flower candles, which are very decorative in their bright colors. These flower candles, which experts call them cymen, are made up of countless small flowers. With Celosia argentea var. Cristata, a completely different flower shape has appeared, the so-called cockscomb. This pathological change has been bred since then and is available in many varieties.

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Plant celosias

Celosia like a warm location. It should be sunny, but not necessarily exposed to the blazing midday sun. The soil is best loose and humus. Depending on your needs, you can mix in some well-rotted compost or sand to adjust the soil.

Water and fertilize

You should water the Celosia regularly and fertilize as required. This means that with fresh potting soil you can usually do without fertilizer, because it contains enough nutrients. If the Celosia is in nutrient-poor soil, add some liquid fertilizer containing potassium to the irrigation water about every four weeks.

Cut celosia

The celosia do not need to be cut, but it does not harm them either. So you can use the extremely decorative flowers as cut flowers. At the same time, you encourage the development of new flowers and extend the flowering time of your Celosias. Since they keep their wonderful colors even when dried, celosias are ideal for dry bouquets. The leaves are even edible.

The Celosia in winter

Celosias are not hardy, as one can already assume from their tropical and subtropical origins. Unlike most other summer flowers, however, they should not hibernate in a cool place, but rather warm.

The most important care tips:

  • sunny location
  • not in the midday sun
  • water regularly but not too much
  • fertilize moderately
  • overwinter warm


If you need a large number of flowering plants on a fixed date, sow Celosias in good time. They germinate, grow and bloom very reliably and “on time”.