Propagate wild garlic yourself in the garden

Propagate wild garlic yourself in the garden

Special features of the propagation of wild garlic

In order for the wild garlic to multiply and spread well after planting, the choice of a suitable location is very important. A shady to partially shaded place under deciduous trees and bushes is optimal for the wild garlic, as such a location comes closest to the conditions at the natural sites of wild garlic in the forest. Basically, wild garlic can be propagated by dividing and transplanting the onions or by sowing the seeds. For both types of propagation, the rule applies that seeds and bulbs must be brought into the soil as fresh as possible at the planned location. In addition, you should protect the plant in the first two years so that you can later harvest larger quantities from a naturally multiplying stand.

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Multiply the wild garlic over the onions

Since wild garlic collected in the forest always poses a certain risk of infection with the fox tapeworm or confusion with poisonous plants, you can alternatively purchase wild garlic bulbs in specialist shops. If you have permission from the land owner. you can also dig up some wild garlic bulbs at a wild spot in the forest. To do this, however, you need a digging fork or a spade, as the wild garlic bulbs sit at a depth of up to 15 centimeters in the ground and cannot simply be pulled out of the earth with the leaves. Bought onions and onions dug up in the wild cannot be stored either and must be kept moist for transport from August to autumn and then buried again on the spot if possible.

Sow wild garlic yourself

Fresh wild garlic seeds usually only remain germinable for about 4 to 6 months. It can either be purchased from specialist retailers or collected with the withered wild garlic inflorescences. Note the following factors when sowing:

  • Wild garlic is sown as a cold germ in summer and autumn
  • The seeds can sometimes take up to two years to germinate
  • Direct sowing works better than growing in pots due to the even soil moisture

Tips & Tricks

When sowing or planting the onions of wild garlic, make sure that you plant them flat, as the stock will later densify anyway through self-reproduction.