Poisonous or edible - the bird cherry

Poisonous or edible - the bird cherry

Not more poisonous than sweet and sour cherries

It is a mistake to assume that bird cherry is completely poisonous. It is no more poisonous than the sweet cherry or sour cherry. Only the hard stone core contained in the fruit is poisonous. But who comes up with the idea of ​​cracking it to eat it?

The fruits can be picked and consumed in summer. In contrast to sweet cherries, the pulp has a slightly bitter note in addition to a pleasant sweetness. In addition to the pulp, the following parts of the bird cherry are edible:

  • blossoms
  • leaves
  • bark

Tips & Tricks

The blossoms of the bird cherry and the leaves can make a varied ingredient for salads. The fruits can taste delicious when processed into juice, wine or jam.