The asparagus season - fresh asparagus from mid-April to June

The asparagus season - fresh asparagus from mid-April to June

Beginning of the asparagus season in April

Asparagus begins to grow as soon as the soil is at least twelve degrees warm. This is rarely the case before mid-April. The asparagus harvest can only start earlier in very warm years.

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If you want to eat asparagus at Easter, you have to rely on imported asparagus. Some farmers ensure early offers by warming the asparagus beds with a heater.

End of the asparagus season on Midsummer Day

The asparagus season traditionally ends on June 24th. After that, fresh asparagus from Germany is no longer on the market.

The reason for the end of the asparagus season is that the asparagus plants need a lot of strength to produce thick asparagus spears. After the season, they need a long rest period to recover.

If you grow asparagus in the garden, you should definitely give your asparagus this rest period. If you prick the asparagus after this point too, you are depleting the plant too much. It bears less the next year and cannot be harvested for up to ten years.

Harvest during the asparagus season

During the asparagus season you need to harvest your asparagus plants regularly. You should grab a knife and prick asparagus twice a day.

When white asparagus pushes through the earth wall and is exposed to the sun, it changes color and flowers very quickly. This can be prevented by harvesting in good time.

Green asparagus must be cut while the flower is still tightly closed. Otherwise it will be bitter.

  • Beginning of the asparagus season: Depending on the weather, from mid-April
  • End of the asparagus season: June 24th.
  • Harvest regularly during the season
  • Fertilize asparagus plants after the season
  • Cut asparagus in autumn

Tips & Tricks

Extend the asparagus harvest by covering the asparagus beds with thick fleece or black foil. The floor heats up faster due to the sun's rays. The asparagus begins to grow earlier and you can harvest asparagus earlier.