Are there different types of poppy seeds?

Are there different types of poppy seeds?

What types of poppies are there?

The Icelandic poppy is considered to be particularly robust, and with its up to 15 cm large flowers is also very suitable for cooler regions. There are different cultivars, both annual and perennial. The flower color varies from white to yellow to bright orange-red. The peony poppy fascinates with its very large but double flowers. These flowers are reminiscent of peonies, which gave it its name.

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The perennial Turkish poppy is also a popular garden plant with its flowers up to 10 cm in size. Here you have the choice between the colors white, yellow, salmon, orange or fire red. In addition to all the cultivated forms, you can of course also plant poppies in your garden. It feels at home in a dry location and multiplies independently by sowing itself.

Make the right choice

Before deciding on a particular variety of poppy seeds, do some research on the needs of the different types. The Turkish poppy likes to be warm and dry, while the Icelandic poppy prefers cooler temperatures. The size of the plants also plays an important role in the selection. With a height of around 20 cm, the alpine poppy needs very different space and neighbors than the tall Turkish poppy.

Since the individual poppy plants only bloom for a few days, they should not necessarily stand individually. Her beauty only comes into its own in a group. The combination with other perennials is also recommended. This way, there are no unsightly gaps when the poppy has bloomed.

The most beautiful types of poppies:

  • Turkish poppy: perennial, flowers up to 10 cm in size, different colors
  • Icelandic poppy: annual or perennial, very robust, flowers up to 15 cm in diameter
  • Corn poppy: annual wild form with red flowers
  • white alpine poppy: perennial, exotic looking white flowers
  • Peonine poppy: annual, huge double, lush frilled flowers

Tips & Tricks

Plant poppies in groups, possibly with other plants. Then there are no unsightly gaps in the flowerbed after the relatively short flowering period.