Dressing up garden wall - tips for a makeover

Dressing up garden wall - tips for a makeover

Wall cladding with authentic flair - successful simulation of naturalness

With wall cladding made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, the regular renovation of your garden wall is finally over. At the same time, the weather-resistant material is processed and designed in such a way that it creates an appearance that is only recognized as a simulation on closer inspection. The following overview presents popular variants with prices:

  • Shingle look: 40 euros / m²
  • Clinker brick look in white or red: 47 euros / m²
  • Rock stone or quarry stone look: 58 euros / m²
  • Panels in wood look: 39 euros / m²
  • Eternit optics in white, gray, red or black: 80 euros / m²

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In addition, there are fasteners, corner elements with a matching look, ventilation profiles and the substructure made of wooden slats. These accessories are usually not included in the scope of delivery and must be ordered separately.

Attaching plastic cladding - tips for assembly

The cladding of GRP quarry stone slabs or plastic panels is attached to the garden wall on a substructure made of impregnated wood. The battens are pieces of wood measuring 20 × 48 mm, which are attached with dowels at a distance of 30 to 40 cm from the wall. The space in between serves on the one hand for rear ventilation and on the other hand keeps small animals away. The cladding is hooked in offset rows on the supporting structure and then fixed in the screw strip.

Elegant, genuine and expensive - cladding made of natural stone panels

In the natural garden, plastic is not welcome as a building material. With a well-padded budget, it can be wall cladding made of real natural stone slabs. The modules are cut to a thickness between 15 and 40 mm and available in almost all types of natural stone. So much luxury has its price, of course, as the following overview shows:

  • Quartzite in gray from 29 euros / m²
  • Slate from 43 euros / m²
  • Sandstone from 39 euros / m²
  • Quarry stone as polygonal slabs from 21 euros / m²
  • Jura marble from 59 euros / m²

Facing bricks made of natural stone are attached to the substrate with a tile adhesive. A cutting disc or a wet cutter is sufficient to cut the modules into shape if required. For a beautiful appearance, the natural stone brick slips are usually laid without joints. In order to seamlessly cover a free-standing garden wall, the scope of delivery includes so-called facing corner stones with Z-teeth. The side overhang serves as a starting point for the natural stone facing on the neighboring wall.


With cladding, you can also decoratively upgrade a new, self-built garden wall made of brick or concrete. You hide the not very attractive masonry with a cladding in natural stone look. For a fraction of the cost, you can use this trick to simulate a natural quarry stone wall that can hardly be distinguished from the original.