The right time for the sweet potato harvest

The right time for the sweet potato harvest

When to harvest

Sweet potatoes are harvested in autumn. Most often the tubers are ripe in October. They are still available in the supermarket all year round. Once you've dug your sweet potatoes out of the ground, you should store them in a dark place for another two to three weeks. During this time the starch turns into sugar and the vegetables develop their sweet taste.

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This is how you can recognize ripe sweet potatoes

The ideal harvest time for many types of vegetables can be easily recognized by the color or hardness of the pulp or the skin. However, sweet potatoes grow entirely underground. The leaves of the plant indicate a ripe fruit. If it is yellow, you can start digging.

You have to pay attention to this

  • harvest the sweet potatoes on a dry day
  • use a digging fork
  • be careful not to damage the tuber (there is a risk of rot during storage)
  • store the sweet potato for a day or two before eating it
  • wash the sweet potato well after harvesting

Early harvest

If the first frost is already approaching in September, you should harvest your sweet potatoes early. The sensitive root vegetables cannot tolerate frost. After a longer storage period, you don't have to worry about any compromises in terms of taste.