Caring for lavender in the pot properly

Caring for lavender in the pot properly

Pot the lavender

Once you've bought young lavender plants, it is best to transplant them as soon as possible. The roots require a lot of space because they are widely branched and, above all, also grow deep. Therefore, choose a pot that is not only wide, but also as deep as possible. The plant pot should have a drainage hole at the bottom through which excess water can flow out. If possible, you should also opt for a pot made of clay or ceramic, as the water can evaporate from this material - it remains “locked in” in a plastic pot, so there is a risk of waterlogging. At the very bottom of the pot is a layer of potsherds, gravel, pebbles or expanded clay, (€ 17.50 at Amazon *) only above a substrate suitable for lavender. This should be as sandy as possible and contain few nutrients.You plant the lavender there and then water it well, but later it needs less water.

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Suitable varieties for keeping in pots

The different types of lavender can reach very different heights. Which variety you choose depends primarily on the space available. The low-growing lavender varieties are particularly suitable for a balcony planting, but with a correspondingly large bucket, the up to one meter high spear lavender will also feel comfortable with you.

Maintain potted lavender

In terms of care, potted lavender is somewhat more demanding than the planted and more or less self-sufficient garden lavender. Above all, you have to make sure that no waterlogging forms - this is fatal for the lavender - but also that the plant is not too dry, especially on hot days. Water regularly, but with a sure instinct - if your lavender turns brown, you have definitely done something wrong and need to investigate the cause. In addition, the plants should be pruned once or twice a year and repotted at least once a year.

Hibernate lavender in a bucket

How you hibernate your potted lavender depends primarily on the variety and secondly on the weather conditions on your balcony. The only hardy lavender is Lavandula angustifolia, the real lavender, which comes in many different varieties and flower colors. All other varieties are maximally winter hardy, but should not overwinter outdoors. We recommend a cool, but frost-free winter storage at around 10 to 12 ° C - for example in a poorly heated bedroom or in a bright stairwell.

Tips & Tricks

Although it can be described as a very easy-care potted plant, the Mediterranean dweller is not suitable for pure room keeping. At least in winter the lavender wants to hibernate cool and bright - it doesn't like a heated living room at all in the cold season.