When is the hazelnut harvest time?

When is the hazelnut harvest time?

When does the harvest season start?

The harvest season begins in September or October, depending on the weather.

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Hazelnuts are ripe when they have turned their typical brown color and fall to the ground by themselves. Do not pick the nuts; be patient until they are on the ground.

If you can't wait for the time, shake the branches of the hazelnut tree and the ripe nuts will fall down.

Dry after harvest

So that the nuts can be stored well, they must be dried. Select only firm nuts in the shell for this. The shell must not be cracked, cracked or perforated.

  • Use whole nuts in their shell
  • Rub off dirt
  • Dry the nuts
  • Store in a dry place

Use hazelnuts with damaged shells immediately. They taste best when the nuts are roasted in the oven.

Squirrels are often faster

Squirrels and magpies love hazelnuts, even if they are not quite ripe. They pick the green nuts straight from the hazelnut bush.

If the hazelnut tree or the hazelnut hedge have a lot of nuts, this is not a problem. If there are only a few fruits on the tree, stretch a sturdy net over it.

Tips & Tricks

Hazelnuts can be preserved for a long time by placing them in jars. To do this, the nuts that have been released are placed in a clean mason jar. The airtight jar is placed in the oven for half an hour. The nuts stay there for up to a year.