The golden fruit palm is not poisonous

The golden fruit palm is not poisonous

Gold fruit palms are not poisonous

Since the golden fruit palm does not contain any toxins, it is one of those houseplants that you can grow safely. The palm does not pose a risk of poisoning for children or pets.

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However, you should be absolutely certain that the palm you are caring for is indeed a golden fruit palm (Dypsis lutescens). There are some quite poisonous palm species that look very similar to the Areca palm.

If you are not sure which species of palm you are keeping, it is better to use caution if children and pets live in the home. Put such palm trees in a place where they are inaccessible to children and animals. Also keep in mind that the pots get quite heavy and can cause injuries if they tip over.

Nevertheless, clear away plant residues immediately

Even if the areca palm is not poisonous, you should not leave fallen leaves or cut shoots lying around. Small children crawling around and curious pets could otherwise put the plant parts in their mouths and choke on them.

The leaf tips are often quite pointed and sharp. Therefore, set up the golden fruit palm in such a way that nobody can injure themselves on the pointed fronds.


Cat lovers do not have to worry that the four-legged friends can poison themselves on the golden fruit palm. Nevertheless, the Areca palm should be protected from cats. The fronds that have been eaten do not look nice and quickly turn brown.