Scratch the trunk - grow new shoots on the yucca palm?

Scratch the trunk - grow new shoots on the yucca palm?

Branch yucca - no scratching necessary

In fact, you can be successful with scratching the trunk: To encourage the yucca to form new shoots, simply cut a two to three millimeter deep, one to two centimeter long cut into the trunk, preferably at a point just below the crown. However, you should be more successful with this method:

  • You can cut up large yuccas: all individual parts (including leafless trunk pieces) can be rooted.
  • To stimulate new shoots, behead the yucca
  • and plant the forelock in a vessel with potting soil and sand.
  • Leave the trunk in the old flower pot.
  • Now it's time to wait: The crested cuttings will probably take root quickly
  • but trunk cuttings often need a few months for the new shoot.
  • But then they often get two new shoots - directly under the cut.
  • Incidentally, you should seal large interfaces on the trunk with tree wax (€ 5.99 at Amazon *).

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By the way: the planting looks even more lush if you put the rooted, former tuft in the same pot as the mother plant and thus pull two trunks. You should of course use a larger planter for this.

Shorten the yucca and repot - this is how it works

The best way to cut the yucca is to use a long and sharp knife (with teeth, for example a bread knife) and / or a saw. You can take this advice to heart to ensure that the rooting and new shoots really work:

  • Do not put yucca cuttings in the water for rooting.
  • This often only promotes the development of rot, but not of roots.
  • Do not let the interfaces dry out, but plant the pieces straight away.
  • With trunk cuttings, make a good note of where is up and where is down.
  • Because this is exactly how they want to be planted again.
  • In the case of middle parts, the upper cut surface should be sealed with tree wax.
  • This prevents fungi and other pathogens from entering.


The quickest and easiest way to sprout a cut yucca is in spring - when it is sprouting in nature anyway.