What can you do if the palm lily doesn't bloom?

What can you do if the palm lily doesn't bloom?

If an older palm lily does not bloom in late summer or autumn, then you should research the causes. This applies at least to palm lilies that are outdoors, in the garden bed or in a tub on the terrace or balcony. Because the yucca in the room usually doesn't bloom at all.

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Why doesn't the palm lily bloom?

The most common reason a palm lily won't bloom is the age of the plant. Because it must have grown a few years before it can even bloom. Some palm lilies do not bloom until they are around 10 years old. The only thing that helps is patience on your part, as difficult as that may be.

However, there are several reasons why an older palm lily might not bloom. She may not like the location, she gets too little light there. It could also be that it is too wet or too cold. Over-fertilization can also prevent your palm lily from blooming, as does an infestation with pests or a disease.

This prevents the palm lily from blooming:

  • Plant too young
  • Lack of light
  • too wet soil
  • too cold location
  • Pests
  • Diseases

How can you remedy this?

Check your palm lily for pests and diseases, such as leaf blotch disease. It is caused by fungi. Remove any infected leaves. Then they treat the plant with a fungicide according to the instructions. You can collect any pests or you can shower the palm lily with water.

If neither pests nor diseases are visible, check the location of your palm lily. Are you standing too cold? Is the soil too wet or does your palm lily get too little light? Maybe you just over-fertilized your plant. Once you change the triggering factors, the palm lily will recover and bloom again soon.

Tips & Tricks

In addition to diseases and pests, an unfavorable location is often to blame for your palm lily not to bloom.