The lychee tree can also be cultivated in Germany

The lychee tree can also be cultivated in Germany

Only use the seeds of ripe fruits for cultivation

The lychee fruits consist of an elongated, brown and shiny seed core, which is surrounded by pearly flesh and a hard but thin skin. Before you can plant the core, however, you must first carefully remove it from its shell and be careful not to damage it. It is important to only use the seeds of ripe fruits. You can recognize ripe lychees by the fact that there are no green or greenish shimmering spots anywhere on the fruit. To be on the safe side, you can leave the fruits selected for cultivation at home for a few days after buying them and let them ripen. The skin of the lychees will then quickly turn brown and wrinkled.

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Plant the seed core

Now remove the shell and the pulp and wash the brownish, shiny seed core carefully in lukewarm, running water. Then soak the core for about 24 hours in also room warm, preferably stale water. This preparation ultimately facilitates germination. You can then plant the seed core about one to two centimeters deep in a small plant pot with loose substrate (potting soil mixed with coarse sand is best). Place the pot in a light and warm, but by no means sunny, location. Keep the soil moist, but not wet. A spray bottle is best for this. The core will begin to germinate in about 30 days.

Under these conditions, a lychee feels at home in Germany too

  • Lychee likes a bright, but not sunny, location
  • It should be warm, with the optimal room temperature being 25 ° C.
  • Lychee likes high humidity: don't water your lychee with a watering can, but with the spray bottle.
  • Only fertilize lychees a little! A small amount of fertilizer per month is sufficient - there is no fertilization at all in winter.
  • Young lychee trees can also stand outside in summer. However, slowly get the plant used to the sun, otherwise the leaves will burn.

You will likely never get any fruit from your litchi plant. Lychee trees grow very slowly and usually only bear fruit between the ages of 10 and 25 years. However, fruits would be possible as long as your tree is free (not in a pot!) In an air-conditioned greenhouse all year round.

Tips & Tricks

Don't worry if your lychee doesn't seem to grow for two or three years. It is not unusual. Please do not fertilize more often or more than usual, as this will only damage your plant. The naturally slow growing lychee does not need a lot of nutrients.