Tips and tricks on how to gently pick raspberries

Tips and tricks on how to gently pick raspberries

Raspberry harvest time

The three main types of raspberries ripen at different times:

  • Summer raspberries - June to July
  • Autumn raspberries - August to the first frost
  • Two-Timer - first harvest from June, second harvest from August

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How do you recognize ripe raspberries?

Raspberries are really ripe when the pearls of the fruit seem quite plump. Their color is bright red, black or yellow, depending on the variety.

Ripe raspberries can be removed from the inflorescence with a light touch. If they are still stuck, you'd better wait a while before harvesting them.

The best time of day to pick raspberries

If you want to eat raspberries raw straight away, pick them on a warm day when the sun is shining. They are then particularly cute.

Pick raspberries that are to be frozen in the early morning. Choose a day when it doesn't rain so that the fruit stays nice and dry.

Fruits that you want to cook compote or jam from can be collected even in rainy weather. In this case, it is not so tragic if the raspberries are a little damp.

How to pick correctly!

Raspberries are picked one at a time from the bush. With one hand, carefully bend the rods to one side so you can pick the fruit with the other hand. Do not apply pressure to prevent the raspberries from becoming soft.

Carefully place the harvested fruit in a basket. Don't layer too many raspberries on top of each other.

Sort out rotten, rotten and moldy fruits equally. Moldy raspberries infect the healthy fruits and make them rot faster.

Protect hands from injuries and discoloration

When harvesting a lot of raspberry bushes, wear gloves and long-sleeved clothing.

Many varieties of raspberry have spikes that cause nasty scratches on the skin. In addition, by wearing protective clothing, you avoid being stung by insects such as bees or wasps. The hands do not turn red either.

Tips for abundant harvests

Raspberries cannot be stored for long. If possible, only harvest as much fruit as you can eat or process on the same day.

If the harvest is so abundant that you pick many more raspberries than you need, simply freeze the fruit.

You can defrost the frozen raspberries when you have more time and then easily process them into jam or compote.

Tips & Tricks

If, after harvesting the summer raspberries, you do not have time to cut the shoots immediately, mark them with a colored tape. You can then later see exactly which rods are two years old and should definitely be cut.