Plant and care for coriander in the pot correctly

Plant and care for coriander in the pot correctly

Planting coriander in the bucket - you should pay attention to this

The young plant grown by hand should have 3 to 4 true pairs of leaves and a height of at least 12-15 centimeters if you plant them in the tub. A perfectly suitable pot has a diameter of 12 centimeters and more and a bottom opening as a water drain. Place a pottery shard or a bit of grit (€ 12.80 on Amazon *) as drainage. So it goes on afterwards:

  • Pour in herb soil or a potting soil-sand mixture up to half the height of the pot
  • Make a hollow in it and insert the potted young plant in the middle
  • fill up with substrate up to the lower pair of leaves and water

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Give the irrigation water directly to the roots without wetting the foliage. This is how you prevent unwanted rot. Then place the coriander in a partially shaded place on the balcony for 3-4 days, where it gets used to the rays of the sun. Its final location should be as sunny, warm and protected as possible.

The focus is on these aspects of care

The professional planting of coriander in the tub sets the course for vital, healthy growth. As a result, the aromatic plant requires little care. The following overview provides information about what is important here:

  • Water regularly in the bucket when the soil is dry
  • If possible, do not water the coriander, but water it from below
  • the pre-fertilized substrate contains all the nutrients for the season
  • a mulch layer made of compost, leaves or expanded clay (€ 17.50 at Amazon *) keeps the soil warm and moist

If a coriander presents light-colored leaves over time, this indicates a lack of nutrients. In this case, apply an organic liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks or press guano sticks into the substrate.

Tips & Tricks

Does the flower of coriander always get in the way too early during the leaf harvest? Then try the leaf coriander 'Cilantro', also known as 'Chinese parsley'. Flowering cannot be completely prevented here, but at least this variety takes a lot longer.