What kind of soil does aloe vera need?

What kind of soil does aloe vera need?

Aloe is a species-rich genus of asparagus, which is believed to have its origin in South Africa. In its thick, thorn-toothed leaves on the edge, which are arranged in a rosette-like manner on the trunk, it can store water and survive for a long time without watering. The best-known representative of the genus is the aloe vera and is cultivated in this country as a houseplant for sunny locations.

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Permeable soil is important

Aloe vera doesn't like waterlogging! Therefore, the soil should be permeable so that excess water can drain off. A good drainage layer of potsherds, gravel and sand is important. A mixture of earth and sand with a little peat is ideal as a substrate.

Pour properly

  • do not pour onto the plant, but directly onto the substrate,
  • water standing plants outdoors twice a week in summer,
  • reduce the amount of water added in winter and in cold locations.

Use fresh soil when repotting

The aloes grow fairly quickly and need a larger vessel on a regular basis. Before repotting, let the root ball dry out a little so that it can easily be removed from the pot. The new pot is filled with fresh soil to give the plant a good start after the "stress of moving".

Tips & Tricks

If you repot regularly and use special soil for succulents, you can dispense with fertilizers altogether.