Peaceful and easy to care for: ground cover for grave planting

Peaceful and easy to care for: ground cover for grave planting

Why ground cover is an ideal grave plant

The grave should be a resting place - not only for the deceased, but also for his descendants, who visit it again and again in memory. In order to be able to hold devotion in peace, a suitable grave design is essential - plants are in themselves representative of recurring life and radiate a gentle continuity.

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These properties are impressively combined in ground cover - after all, thanks to their extensive growth, they are very harmonizing, as well as being modest in terms of demands and a beautiful symbol of life in their undaunted growth.

A second, much more pragmatic aspect is the low maintenance required by a ground cover. Many cannot or do not want to visit the grave every week - and above all do not have a job, but rather worship the deceased. Because of their mostly very self-sufficient vegetation and their natural weed control, ground cover is an extremely practical solution.

Another advantage of ground cover on the grave is simply that it is low - so they do not cover any inscriptions on the gravestone.

The arguments for ground cover as grave planting again at a glance:

  • radiate calm through flat, uniform growth
  • symbolize life through their unwavering joy of growth
  • very easy to care for - ideal for rarely visited places
  • low, non-covering growth

Which varieties are best

The atmospheric character of the varieties

Class and continuity

Of course, your personal taste and maybe that of the deceased has priority when planting the grave. After all, the grave is an intimate place where you should be able to feel at ease. Maybe you like it simple and classic - then the dark, evergreen varieties such as ivy, ysander or periwinkle are particularly recommended. With its heart-shaped leaves, ivy also has a symbolic value for life that is thousands of years old. All three varieties are also extremely robust, hardly need any care other than a little pruning and reliably keep weeds away.

Comforting ease

If you want to bring a little lightness to the resting place, flowering varieties with lighter foliage are recommended, such as Cat's Paws with their silvery foliage and dark pink flowers. Forget-me-nots also spread a hopeful, positive mood with their many, small, light blue flowers - and are a classic symbol for saying goodbye in love. The white flowering candytuft can also be very tender and touching on the grave.

Strengthening colors

Ground cover shrubs such as pink flowering upholstery phlox or orange-red prickly nuts bring a colorful and powerful note to the place of memory.

Note location

Of course, choosing the right ground cover also includes considering the location of the grave. Many graves in cemeteries with high tree cover are more shady - suitable ground cover varieties for this are ysander, ivy, elven flower or foam blossom. Fragrant thyme, g√ľnsel, cat's paws, prickly nuts or Roman chamomile are suitable for sunny graves.