Jungfer im Grünen: Versatile seeds

Jungfer im Grünen: Versatile seeds

Harvest and sow seeds

Decorative seed pods develop after flowering and begin to ripen from around the beginning of August. You can tell when the time is right when the capsules gradually turn brown, dry up and finally - when the optimal time has come - burst. Since the maiden in the countryside very reliably sows itself again and again, an annual spring sowing is actually not necessary. Otherwise, sowing takes place directly outdoors in March / April.

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Use seeds as a spice

The maiden in the green is closely related to the real black cumin and, like this, can be used as a spice. For this purpose, you can harvest the seeds and grind them finely or use a mortar, they slightly remind of woodruff in taste. But be careful: In contrast to the black cumin, the virgin in the green contains the alkaloid damascenin, which can only be enjoyed in small amounts and is rather difficult to digest in excess. For this reason, the plant is also classified as less toxic.

Seed heads are suitable for dry bouquets

The seed heads can also be used - well dried - for dry bouquets. To do this, cut the stems with the unripe, green-brown seed pods from August and hang them upside down to dry in a warm and airy place. Combine these with other dried flowers, wildflowers and grasses being particularly suitable. The seed pods - nicely painted gold or silver - can also be used for an interesting Christmas decoration.


If you sow the maiden in the countryside, pay attention to staggered sowing, if possible at intervals of two to three weeks - so the beautiful flowers will still bloom in autumn and please the eyes and heart.