Small chili peppers also inspire pickled with their heat

Small chili peppers also inspire pickled with their heat

The season extension with vinegar

Summer and autumn are hot peppers and the pods are freshly available everywhere. Anyone who has planted them in their own garden or in a large tub is definitely a big fan of the small and mostly fiery hot fruits. But then they are welcome all year round, in winter and spring straight from the glass. Vinegar keeps the pods long-lasting and gives them a different flavor, but they stay hot!

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Do not use fruit vinegar for the peppers, as this will discolour the fruit.

Which variety to pick?

There are countless varieties of pepper that also thrive in this country. In principle, all of them are suitable for insertion. However, the thick-fleshed varieties such as jalapenos or cayenne can absorb the brew better.

The decision as to which peppers to pickle is of course closely linked to personal preferences. The sharpness plays a decisive role here, as this is largely retained even after loading.

Before loading, make sure that you like the sharpness. You can also mix hot peppers with different degrees of spiciness. The overall heat is evenly distributed through the vinegar.

Regional hot peppers in organic quality are fresher than well-traveled specimens and are not contaminated with pesticides. They are the best alternative for anyone who does not have their own chilli cultivation.

Green, yellow or red?

Only red peppers are called ripe, but all “colors” are edible. If you pick them in your own garden, you should only make sure that the pods have reached a certain size. Then they have a good taste and are typically spicy.

The color does not play a decisive role in the insertion itself. Of course, a colorful mix looks good. If you like, you can combine not only varieties, but also different colors to your heart's content.


A colorful mix of peppers in the glass is also a great gift for everyone who welcomes sharp accents in their food.

Easy recipe with vinegar

This basic recipe with vinegar is low in calories because it does not require any oil. For two medium-sized glasses you need the following ingredients:

  • 300 g fresh hot peppers
  • 400ml vinegar
  • 400 ml of water
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 3 teaspoons of salt


  1. Wash the fresh hot peppers thoroughly under running water.
  2. Shorten the long stems.
  3. In a saucepan, heat water and vinegar with salt and sugar. You can try the brew and, if necessary, change the amount of salt as you wish. A little pepper also goes well.
  4. Add the hot peppers and let everything boil briefly.
  5. Take out the hot peppers with a slotted spoon and divide them between the glasses.
  6. Bring the brew to the boil again and pour it over the peppers so that they are completely covered.
  7. Seal the jars and turn them over to cool while standing on the lid.
  8. Then store the closed jars in a cool and dark place for four weeks. Only then have they fully developed their new taste.

Hot peppers with cream cheese in oil

Stuffed peppers in oil are a classic. Some larger types of pepper can also be filled well. The following is a recipe for stuffed peppers, which are coated with oil and kept cool in the refrigerator for about 14 days.

Ingredients for two medium-sized glasses:

Original text

  • 250 g hot peppers
  • 250 g cream cheese
  • Chives or 2 cloves of garlic
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • about 150 ml olive oil
  • Wash the hot peppers thoroughly and then scald them with boiling water.
  • After a minute, quench the hot peppers with ice cold water.
  • Cut off the stem area and carefully scrape out the seeds.
  • Mix the cream cheese with finely chopped chives or grated garlic, depending on which flavor you prefer.
  • Fill a small freezer bag with the cream cheese mixture and then cut off a small corner.
  • Squirt the cream cheese into the pepperoni.
  • Put the filled peppers in glasses and fill them almost to the brim with oil.
  • durability

    Consume pickled peppers within three months. Store opened jars in the refrigerator.

    Conclusion for quick readers:

    • Pickling: vinegar makes peppers long-lasting and preserves their sharpness
    • Tip: Do not use fruit vinegar, as it discolors the pods ugly
    • Types: All types can be pickled, but thick-fleshed types absorb the brew better
    • Heat: Peppers with different degrees of heat can be pickled together; the sharpness is mixed in the brew
    • Color: The color of the peppers does not matter, they should only have developed taste and heat
    • Tip: Colorful pepper mix in a glass is a nice gift for all friends of fiery chillies
    • Recipe: 300 g fresh hot peppers; 400 ml of vinegar; 400 ml of water; 2 tbsp sugar; 3 teaspoons of salt
    • Step 1: Wash the peppers thoroughly and shorten the stems
    • Step 2: Heat water and vinegar with salt and sugar and briefly bring the peppers to the boil
    • Step 3: Remove the peppers with a slotted spoon and distribute them between the glasses
    • Step 4: Boil the stock again and pour into the glasses
    • Step 5: Close the jars and place them on the lids to cool
    • Step 6: Let the peppers soak in a cool and dark place for about 4 weeks
    • Shelf life: use vinegar peppers within 3 months; Store opened glasses in the refrigerator
    • Stuffed peppers in oil: A classic that can be kept chilled for approx. 14 days
    • Recipe: 250 g hot peppers; 250 g of cream cheese; some chives or 2 cloves of garlic; 1 tsp salt; about 150 ml olive oil
    • Step 1: wash hot peppers and scald with boiling water; Quench with ice water after a minute
    • Step 2: cut off the stem area and carefully remove the seeds
    • Step 3: Mix the cream cheese with salt and chives or grated garlic
    • Step 4: Pour the cream cheese mixture into a plastic bag; cut off a corner; Fill the pepperoni with it
    • Step 5: Put the peppers in glasses, fill them with oil and close tightly
    • Storage: Store filled peppers soaked in oil in the refrigerator and consume quickly

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