How do I properly care for my coconut palm?

How do I properly care for my coconut palm?

The real coconut palm needs a lot of sun, warmth and water for its well-being, as well as high humidity. These conditions can hardly be offered to her in a normal living room. A humidifier or regular spraying with low-lime water can help.

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Proper pouring

Water your coconut palm regularly. Make sure you avoid waterlogging, otherwise the nut will start to rot. The potting soil should not be too firm so that the irrigation water drains off well. In winter your coconut palm needs a little less water than in the summer months. It is best to use lukewarm water with a low calcium content.

The fertilizing

The coconut palm is quite demanding. Therefore, it should be fertilized regularly in the summer months. From May to October, add some liquid fertilizer to the irrigation water about every 14 days.

The repotting

The coconut palm requires a relatively large plant pot, not only for the nut, but also for the widely spreading roots. It should be repotted about every two to three years. Use palm soil from specialist retailers or garden soil mixed with sand. The top half of the coconut must always look out of the potting soil.

The coconut palm in winter

The coconut palm likes to be warm in winter too. It stops growing at temperatures below 16 ° C. Above all, it is important that you ensure sufficient humidity. This can easily become a problem in winter because of the dry heating air. Therefore, spray your coconut palm daily with lukewarm water.

The most common difficulties with a coconut palm

If your coconut palm does not look healthy and, for example, is getting brown leaf tips, then one of the following could be the cause:

  • too low humidity
  • too little warmth
  • too small plant pot
  • too little fertilizer

Tips & Tricks

Regular watering, lots of heat, high humidity and a large plant pot are the basic conditions for the long life of a coconut palm.