The three-masted flower, the perfect houseplant

The three-masted flower, the perfect houseplant

Which types are suitable for room culture?

Not all types of three-masted flower are suitable for pots and a place in the apartment. But two types have proven to be suitable in the past:

  • Tradescantia fluminensis: smooth, patterned or red-green leaves, white flowers
  • Tradescantia sillamontana: very hairy leaves, pink-red flowers

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The location in the apartment: bright, but not sunny

Ordinary living room temperatures do not cause the three-master flower any problems. On the contrary: this tropical plant loves the warmth and temperatures between 20 and 25 ° C are ideal for it. The following applies: the warmer the living space, the lighter it should be.

Also noteworthy is:

  • In dark locations, the three-masted flower forms long, sparsely leafed shoots
  • prefer to choose a bright location
  • no direct sunlight
  • Varieties with reddish or patterned leaves need more light than green-leaved ones
  • high humidity is perfect (e.g. bathroom, kitchen)

Water with lime-free water and fertilize regularly

In addition to a suitable location, watering and fertilizing are the top priorities. Water the plant with lime-free water as soon as the top layer of soil has dried. You should fertilize regularly between April and September. Liquid fertilizer is added to the irrigation water every 2 weeks. Use the fertilizer more sparingly than indicated on the packaging!

Beware of spider mites, aphids and gray mold!

Spider mites and aphids are not deterred by the toxins in the three-masted flower, but can tarnish the appearance. Get rid of the pests as quickly as possible. Occasionally, gray mold can occur as a result of diseases. The cause is a substrate that is too moist coupled with a location that is too dark.

And in the winter?

In winter the following is planned:

  • like to put it in a cooler place, but not below 10 ° C
  • dry heating air is tolerated
  • don't water too much to avoid rot
  • do not fertilize
  • Lack of light causes balding from below


Since three-masted flowers do not take care of mistakes wrong, they are ideal for beginners.