How, where and when should horned violets be sown?

How, where and when should horned violets be sown?

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Anyone who decides to propagate horned violets in their own four walls should start with the preculture between January and March. From May the young horned violets are planted out. No-till can be done all year round. But the period between April and July has proven to be the best for this.

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Harvest or buy the seeds yourself

You can get the seeds in stores everywhere. But if you already have horned violets, it is worth harvesting the seeds yourself. To do this, you should not cut the stems after flowering. Harvest the seed pods and keep them airy. Once dry, you can open them with your fingers and the seeds will fall out.

The sowing step by step

Even harvested horny violet seeds can only germinate if they have been stratified before sowing. It is best to sow them outdoors in summer. Then they get their cold effect in winter and germinate in spring.

The following must be observed when sowing (after stratification) at home:

  • Choose a seed tray or pots
  • Fill up with conventional seed compost
  • Sow seeds, do not cover with soil, just press down (light germinator)
  • Moisten the earth and keep the humid environment
  • Germination time: 8 days to 4 weeks
  • best germination temperature: 15 to 18 ° C

It is ideal if the sown seeds come to a place in the shade. This prevents the soil from drying out too quickly. If the cotyledons can be seen, the plants must be in a light place. If necessary, they can be separated if necessary.

Properties of the sown horned violets

The result is no single-variety horned violets that are identical to the mother plant. But they convince with their abundance of flowers and their persistence. Unfortunately, they are not as long-lived as cuttings-propagated horned violets ...

Tips & Tricks

Horned violets like to sow themselves and grow wild at their location. The sowing does not necessarily have to be taken into your own hands.