Horsetail fights powdery mildew on roses

Horsetail fights powdery mildew on roses

Use horsetail broth against powdery mildew

The gardener does not count horsetail among his favorite plants. The herb does a good job of caring for roses.

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In addition to tannins and essential oils, it contains a great deal of silica, which is effective against fungal diseases such as powdery mildew on roses.

The rose petals are sprayed with a broth made from horsetail when an infestation occurs. Box broth for roses is also good for prevention.

Prepare horsetail broth yourself

You can easily prepare horsetail broth yourself. For this you need:

  • Plastic jar
  • fresh or dried horsetail
  • Rainwater or tap water
  • Sieve

Put 200 grams of fresh or 15 grams of dried herb in the container and preferably pour rainwater over it. Let the mixture steep for 24 hours.

Then the brew is boiled. It takes about half an hour for the silica to dissolve from the leaves. Then the broth has to cool down and finally diluted 1: 4 with fresh water.

Treat roses with horsetail broth

In the event of an acute fungal attack, spray the leaves with the broth several times a day.

Field horsetail is also ideally suited for prevention. The silica strengthens the leaves so that fungi and pests cannot penetrate in the first place.

For prevention, treat the roses with horsetail broth once a week.

Biologically fertilize roses with horsetail manure

Horsetail manure is prepared in a similar way to broth, except that the herb is left in the water for a long time and not boiled. The liquid manure is ripe when no more bubbles appear.

The liquid manure is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 5 and poured around the roses once a month. Make sure that you do not water the leaves and roots directly with the manure.

The plant is strengthened by the minerals. The leaves look healthier and there are usually more flowers.


Horsetail broth also helps against numerous pests. Spray the roses when aphids or spider mites have attacked the leaves.