Cut real jasmine correctly

Cut real jasmine correctly

Real jasmine is easy to cut

Real jasmine can be pruned at any time. This allows you to keep the ornamental plant in good shape and, if you wish, you can also use it as a climbing plant on a trellis.

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You should cut:

  • after the winter break
  • after flowering
  • withered shoots
  • for rejuvenation

Cutting after the winter break

In spring, when you get the real jasmine from the winter break, it is time for the first pruning.

It should be done before the plant sprouts. Just cut back the real jasmine slightly so that you don't remove any later buds.

Bushy plants by pruning back after flowering

So that the real jasmine is nice and bushy and branches out strongly, cut it back after flowering. Remove the branches with the bloomed inflorescences.

Rejuvenate real jasmine by cutting

Older plants are often blooming. They only bloom at the outer ends of the branches and no longer look as decorative.

With a rejuvenation cut, you not only bring the plant back into shape. The pruning also ensures that overaged branches are removed and young shoots can grow back.

For rejuvenation, cut the real jasmine back by two thirds. After such a radical cut, the ornamental plant needs some time to recover from it. During this time it will have few or no flowers. After the recovery phase, it blooms all the more vigorously.

Don't forget gloves when cutting!

Real jasmine is poisonous. Even contact with the plant sap can cause inflammatory reactions on the skin.

You should therefore always wear gloves when cutting or doing other maintenance work to protect your hands.


If your real jasmine does not bloom, it is often because the non-hardy ornamental plant was overwintered too warm. Real jasmine very rarely does not develop flowers if you cut it back too radically in spring.