Felling birch - you have to pay attention to this

Felling birch - you have to pay attention to this

Felling birch trees - legally secure beforehand

In Germany, trees are protected by law. For whatever reason you are considering cutting down a birch, you should first familiarize yourself with the specific tree protection statutes for your region. Otherwise you run the risk of making yourself liable to prosecution: high fines can be threatened. This also applies if the tree is on your property.

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Reasons to fell a birch

Badly planted trees break up hard concrete floors with the power of their roots. With the birch as a shallow root, there are a few things to consider before planting in terms of the optimal location. So you can avoid having to cut down your birch for similar reasons right from the start with clever garden planning.

Often there are reasons of personal taste, plot planning or convenience, which is why the birch is a nuisance in the garden. If there is also a pollen allergy, the trees can indeed become a burden. In such cases, however, you should rather consider deliberately letting the birch die.

The situation is different in rare cases with diseases of the birch: If the tree threatens to die off and topple over, it can pose a major threat to life and limb. Then it is inevitable to cut it. If you are not sure, you can contact the Federal Green Area Office. There you have the opportunity to request the necessary expertise. Through the mediation of an expert, you will find out whether the tree can still be saved and which is the right approach.

Chop down birch or have it felled

Felling a tree belongs in experienced hands. Anyone who has never carried out the procedure and does not master the technology should leave this responsible task to the professionals. If only because most hobby gardeners do not have the appropriate tools. If in doubt, hire a specialist company to cut down the birch.