Cherry trees are propagated vegetatively

Cherry trees are propagated vegetatively

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To multiply, you first need a so-called base. This alone is responsible for the size of the fully grown cherry tree. When buying a cherry tree, you should therefore pay attention to whether the base indicated on the label is weak, medium or strong.

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Vigorously growing seedlings are used as bases for high stems. These develop a strong root system, show healthy growth and ensure the tree has a long lifespan. The half-trunks are refined on medium-sized type or seedling bases so that the trunk height of around 120 cm is maintained. The spindle bushes and columnar trees have a weak base, bring fast yields, but do not live as long as half or standard trunks.

Finishing methods

The second component for propagation is an annual shoot or an eye or bud of the noble variety. This is taken from the cherry tree, whose properties in terms of taste and size of the fruit, productivity, resistance to fungal diseases, sensitivity to frost, etc. one would like to have.

The connection between the two “partners” takes place through

  • Inoculate,
  • Plug or
  • Copulate.

For inoculation, a well-developed bud of the noble variety is placed on the base, in which a corresponding bark has been cut beforehand. The precious eye is inserted behind the opened bark and firmly connected with bast. After the growth, remove the bast and later cut away the shoot above the eye.

For grafting and copulating, vines of different strengths are used. These are obtained from the healthy annual shoots that are connected to the rootstock in April / May. The base and the noble rice of the same thickness are connected directly to the intersections placed on top of one another (cut diagonally). If the underlay is stronger than the noble rice, you put it into the bark incision.

Tips & Tricks

For most hobby gardeners, self-finishing is probably out of the question. Nevertheless, everyone can create a very individual tree. You can find tree nurseries on the Internet that specialize in order processing (see e.g.