Ornamental grass as a privacy screen: tall species and care

Ornamental grass as a privacy screen: tall species and care

Which types are suitable as privacy screens?

Basically, it should be said that ornamental grasses cannot serve as a year-round privacy screen. Only in summer are they big enough to act as a natural privacy wall. With luck, the privacy screen will remain in place through the winter.

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In order for ornamental grasses to keep glances away, several specimens should be planted a short distance apart. Please note the growth width of the respective species. Among other things, these ornamental grasses (at least 150 cm high) are suitable as privacy screens:

  • Chinese reed
  • Garden bamboo
  • Pampas grass
  • Giant sedge
  • Pile tube

Chinese reeds and pampas grass - the most popular privacy protection grasses

The height that can be achieved differs depending on the variety. Of the Chinese reed, which needs a nutritious and moist soil, these varieties are considered to be proven and huge:

  • 'Aksel Olsen': 300 cm
  • 'Malepartus': 200 cm
  • 'Silver Feather': 220 cm
  • 'Silver Tower': 300 cm

The pampas grass looks beautiful with its fluffy flowers. But only with them does it really get really big. Recommended varieties include white pampas grass (250 cm) as well as 'Rosa Feder' (200 cm) and 'Sunningdale Silver' (250 cm).

Choose a protected location

You should always choose a protected location for such tall ornamental grasses. Otherwise violent gusts of wind could break their long stalks. This makes the ornamental grasses susceptible to diseases and they no longer look beautiful. Species like the giant sedge are even suitable for shady locations.

Proper care

The tall ornamental grass species should be tied together in a tuft before winter sets in. In spring they are cut down to the ground and fertilized. Sharing is also an important part of maintenance. So that your ornamental grass privacy screen does not get holes over the years, you should divide the ornamental grass every 4 years.


While it is advisable to create a root barrier with bamboo, the Chinese reed does not need such a thing because it does not spread via its rhizomes.