Fresh from your own vegetable garden in the apartment

Fresh from your own vegetable garden in the apartment

Suitable vegetables for the apartment

There are many types and varieties of vegetables that also thrive and bear fruit in an indoor climate. After all, vegetables can also be grown successfully in the greenhouse. Only fruit trees can hardly be cared for in the living room when they are ready for harvest, as there are no bees and other insects for fertilization. In addition, Mediterranean citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges or mandarins as well as avocados are difficult to keep under room conditions - the maintenance effort is immense, and experience has shown that such mini trees feel more comfortable in the fresh air.

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However, annual vegetables in particular can be grown excellently on the windowsill:

  • many herbs such as parsley, basil, chives, thyme, cress ...
  • Tomatoes, including the small-fruited varieties and traffic light tomatoes
  • Traffic light tomatoes grow in a hanging basket (€ 14.99 on Amazon *) and simply tend to grow downwards
  • Paprika and relatives (e.g. chilli, hot peppers)
  • Radishes (quick harvest!)
  • Carrots and kohlrabi (in sufficiently deep flower pots or troughs)
  • Zucchini (requires very large planters!)
  • various cut and pick salads, lamb's lettuce and rocket
  • ginger
  • Leek plants such as onions, garlic, leeks
  • Cucumbers, especially snake cucumbers (feel better in the greenhouse anyway)
  • Beans (French beans, runner beans ...) and peas

Location and care for residential vegetables

If you want to grow vegetables successfully in your home, you should be aware of three things:

1. Vegetables need a lot of light to let the fruit ripen. South windows are ideal.

2. The plants must be watered and fertilized regularly. Use organic vegetable fertilizer. (€ 26.15 at Amazon *)

3. Regular ventilation is also very important - as in a greenhouse.

In addition, only a few vegetables can be grown in the apartment all year round. As a rule, yields can only be achieved between March and October; most plants pause in winter - with a few exceptions, such as many herbs, salads or radishes. But you can often harvest three or even four times during the growing season.


It is best to place the tubs with the vegetables directly in front of a window or glass door. If the summer is rainy and cold (and therefore dark), additional plant light is useful.