Avoid crop failures by tying the raspberries

Avoid crop failures by tying the raspberries

Pull raspberries on the frame

If you want to plant raspberries in the garden, you will need to install scaffolding for most varieties. Attach the rods to it so that they do not tip over. This gives the fruits enough light and sun.

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The following are suitable for tying up raspberries:

  • V-frames
  • Knot framework
  • Wire cords
  • Bamboo sticks

Tether rods continuously

As soon as the rods have grown longer than half a meter, you should tie them to the bottom of the frame. As the shoots get taller, attach them to the higher levels of the scaffolding.

Use either small wires or weatherproof garden cord to tie up the rods.

There are also special clamps for tying up in stores. They do not constrict the shoots and can be easily attached and removed again.

Tie up summer raspberries

Summer raspberries are stabilized with a V-frame. This type of framework offers a particular advantage. Attach the annual shoots to one side of the ā€œVā€ and the two-year-old shoots to the other.

Since the fruits of summer raspberries grow on the biennial shoots, this measure makes harvesting easier. All you have to do is pick raspberries on one side.

After harvesting, cut off the two-year-old shoots. You can't go wrong with this because the annual rods are on the other side.

Support autumn raspberries with scaffolding

Fall raspberries generally don't get as tall as summer raspberries. With them it can be enough to stick sticks or bamboo sticks between the plants to support them.

Low autumn raspberry varieties or two-timers get along without any supports. They are therefore also well suited to be grown in a pot on the balcony.

Tips & Tricks

If possible, you should avoid washing raspberries. The tender fruits can burst open and lose a lot of their aroma. By tying the rods, you avoid the raspberries coming into contact with the ground. They then do not have to be cleaned separately.