Dispose of lawn mower - this is free and environmentally friendly

Dispose of lawn mower - this is free and environmentally friendly

Dispose of petrol lawn mowers correctly - tips & tricks

Gasoline-powered lawn mowers are considered scrap metal. Although the devices do not fit in the garbage can, they are not considered bulky waste. There is therefore no point in filling out the bulky waste card and sending it off. Since lawnmowers consist of a wide variety of components and contain residues of gasoline and oil, a separate form of disposal is required. That is how it goes:

  • Hand it in free of charge at the local recycling center
  • Petrol and oil do not need to be drained beforehand
  • Offer, bring or have picked up at the nearest scrap dealer

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If you live near the border with the Netherlands, traveling scrap dealers are familiar to you. In these regions it is enough to put the old lawnmower by the road. The device disappeared within 1 to 2 days.

Get rid of electric lawnmowers - here's how

Electric lawnmowers are among the low-maintenance lawnmower types. However, this advantage does not prevent them from finally stopping their work sooner or later. Due to their special way of working, electrically operated mowers are considered electrical scrap. How to properly dispose of the devices:

  • Hand it in free of charge as used electrical equipment at the local recycling center
  • Alternatively, bring it to the local electrical scrap collection point

Furthermore, the Electrical Equipment Act obliges manufacturers and distributors to take back old devices free of charge. You are therefore free to dispose of your old electric lawn mower where you bought it. If you buy a new electric mower from a dealer with more than 400 square meters of sales area or mail order area, they are obliged to accept the old device free of charge, even if you did not purchase it there.

Eliminate cordless lawnmowers - it's free and environmentally friendly

Cordless lawnmowers have to be looked for in the household waste, just like all lawnmower types. This is especially true for lithium-ion batteries. If these end up in the garbage can, damage can lead to short circuits and fire. You should therefore pay particular attention to the disposal of a cordless mower.

The used batteries can be collected free of charge by the mobile hazardous substances vehicle or the hazardous waste collection point. So far, some municipalities have referred to retailers for the disposal of large accumulators. If there is no more battery in the device, the nearest electronic waste collection point is responsible for disposing of the lawnmower free of charge.

The consumer center North Rhine-Westphalia recommends masking the contact points of the batteries before disposal. In this way, short circuits can be better prevented.


Home gardeners know how an old lawnmower can make money. Hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers are constantly on the lookout for decommissioned gardening tools to repair in classifieds and on Ebay. Tinkerers are also interested in building a robot lawn mower from the individual parts.