Better not to mulch roses with bark mulch

Better not to mulch roses with bark mulch

Which is why roses don't tolerate bark mulch

Many hobby gardeners apply mulch material in their beds so that the weeds are suppressed and they have to spend less time weeding. This effect occurs because mulch (213.00 € on Amazon *) hinders the aeration (ie the supply of oxygen) of the soil. Roses, however, depend on very good soil ventilation, if only because the bacteria living in the soil are aerobic. This means that they need oxygen to break down fertilizer, humus or compost. If this is missing, the roses can no longer absorb the nutrients they need.

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Fungal diseases are the result of mulching

Roses that are not adequately supplied with nutrients are weakened, they grow less, bloom less and are also more susceptible to attack by pests and / or various pathogens, especially fungi. Star soot, a disease caused by a harmful fungus, especially of the rose petals, very often establishes itself on roses standing in mulched soil.

Which you can use to mulch roses instead

However, you don't have to do without mulching entirely. Instead of bark mulch, it is better to spread ripe compost or rose soil in late autumn. It is sufficient to keep the mulch layer about four centimeters thick. This mulch can later be worked in without any problems, and it also supplies the rose with additional nutrients.

Keep roses healthy - activate soil life

A soil activator from specialist shops improves the rose's metabolism. The pH value also settles at an optimal level for roses. Choose a product made from natural raw materials that contains important trace elements and micronutrients. Work the soil activator thoroughly into the soil; As a result, the soil structure is improved, as is the absorption and utilization of nutrients. Coffee grounds are a natural (and completely free) activator, by the way - a wonderful fertilizer not only for roses!


But if you don't want to do without mulch, pine bark is the better option.