Planting tomatoes on the balcony - this is how you achieve the goal

Planting tomatoes on the balcony - this is how you achieve the goal

The weather doesn't play along before mid-May

Tomatoes in need of warmth are only allowed on the balcony after the risk of frosty night temperatures has been overcome from mid-May. Those who want to dedicate themselves to their tomato cultivation by then, prefer the plants in the house. At the end of February / beginning of March the starting shot for the sowing is given. Germination starts within 2 weeks at ideal temperatures of 18 to 24 degrees Celsius.

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For tomatoes to thrive on the balcony, they need a nutrient-rich, humus-rich and well-drained substrate. To prevent waterlogging, cover the bottom of the pot with a drainage made of pebbles, potsherds or grit. (€ 12.80 at Amazon *) You put the pre-grown or pre-purchased plant up to the lower leaves and pour generously. Place the tomato in a sunny, airy balcony spot.

Create a harmonious unity from tomato variety and planter

Choose the planter wisely, as a tomato plant can grow to be large. Ideal candidates are cocktail tomatoes, also known as cherry tomatoes. The smallest varieties even find space in a balcony box. It is important to note that there is an opening in the floor so that excess irrigation water can drain off. Avoid dark-colored pots, as they become extremely hot in summer.

Support supports the tomatoes

If you plant tomatoes on the balcony, an adequate climbing aid should not be missing. You can only do without a climbing aid when growing bush tomatoes. Experienced hobby gardeners use this useful support at the same time as the young plants. How to do it:

  • a rod thickness of 15 to 25 millimeters is ideal
  • the minimum length fluctuates between 1.10 and 2 meters
  • Disused women's tights that are cut into strips are suitable as binding material
  • Alternatively, bind the shoots with raffia or special plant binders from specialist shops
  • Tomato tendrils must never be constricted or injured

Not without rain protection

Protection from rain is just as essential for tomato plants on the balcony as it is outdoors. Handcrafted hobby gardeners build a canopy themselves without further ado. Garden centers and hardware stores offer inexpensive models. If you only cultivate a few paradise apples on the balcony, an innovative tomato cap protects against moisture and thus against the lurking fungal spores of late blight.

Tips & Tricks

If you place the tomatoes at a slight angle in the soil to just below the first pair of leaves, this trick promotes the rapid expansion of the roots. If you also put some nettle leaves in the planting hole, the nutrients give additional growth energy.