Your Monstera will like this care - tips for everything to do with window leaves

Your Monstera will like this care - tips for everything to do with window leaves

How is the window leaf to be poured?

The water supply is not based on a clearly defined schedule, but is based on demand. How to pour properly:

  • Keep the substrate continuously moist in all seasons
  • Ideally, let the soil dry a little between watering
  • Spray the evergreen leaves from time to time with soft water

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In summer the water requirement is significantly higher than in winter. On hot summer days it is an advantage to have some aerial roots in a bowl of water. This is an effective way of preventing ball dryness. Please only use collected rainwater or stale tap water.

Does the houseplant need fertilizer regularly?

From April to September, fertilize your window leaf once a week. To do this, add a liquid plant fertilizer in half the concentration to the irrigation water. If Monstera thrive all year round at normal room temperatures, continue the nutrient supply in winter with monthly fertilizers. If a window leaf hibernates in a cool and dark place, stop the nutrient supply between October and March.

Can I cut back my window leaf?

If the ornamental houseplant grows over your head, it can tolerate pruning without complaint. Shoots that are too long can be shortened by up to two thirds. Monstera reliably drive out of the sleeping eyes. Please put on gloves to avoid coming into contact with the poisonous sap.

Incidentally, the clippings are far too good to be disposed of on the compost heap. As long as a shoot has at least one aerial root, it has what it takes to become a vigorous cutting.

How do Monstera get through the winter safely?

All Monstera species prefer pleasant room temperatures of around 22 degrees Celsius all year round. During the low-light winter time, the thermometer can drop a little. The darker the location, the cooler it can be. Maintenance is modified accordingly. This is how the window leaf hibernates:

  • The temperature minimum is 10 to 15 degrees Celsius
  • Reduced watering and fertilize every 4 weeks in half the concentration
  • Do not give fertilizer in the cool, dark winter quarters at 10 degrees Celsius

The window leaf does not like dry heating air. Therefore, spray the mighty leaves regularly with lime-free water, especially during the winter.


Every 2 to 3 years on average, the maintenance program is expanded to include the following project: Repotting in a new bucket. Expose the majestic climbing plant to this stress only when the first root strands grow out of the opening in the ground or push through the substrate. The best time to switch to a larger pot is between the end of winter dormancy and fresh budding.

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