Preserving mint - the best methods

Preserving mint - the best methods

Keeping fresh mint fresh in the refrigerator - this is how it works

If small bouquets of mint are placed in a glass with water immediately after harvest, they will wilt sadly after 2 to 3 days. Here's how to keep the bundles fresh for several weeks:

  • Line a rectangular Tupperware box with a wet kitchen towel
  • then spread the mint
  • cover with a second, soaking wet cloth
  • close with the lid and put in the refrigerator

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Every few days the wipes are re-moistened with water. If the supply is not consumed beforehand, store mint in this way for 3 weeks and longer.

Keeping mint fresh for a year - this is how it works

While mint hibernates deep in the ground, we don't want to do without the refreshing pleasure. You can preserve peppermint and its conspecifics for a long time by storing the herbs in the freezer. How to do it right:

  • Pre-freeze whole shoots or individual leaves on a plate in the quick freezer
  • then transfer to bags, label and freeze to save space
  • Alternatively, cut the mint into small pieces and place in the compartments of an ice cube tray
  • Top up with water and freeze

Do you prefer to enjoy mint as a refreshing tea? Then you can preserve the aroma by making a larger amount of tea from the fresh leaves. Freeze these in portions. Enjoy after defrosting as if freshly brewed.

Preserving mint in the oven - how it works

Air-drying mint bouquets takes 14 days or more. It's faster in the oven. Spread the washed branches or leaves on a baking sheet. After the oven has been preheated to 50 degrees, the temperature should be held for 5 minutes. Then switch off the device, slide in the baking sheet and dry the mint.

Tips & Tricks

Are you hesitating between freezing or drying mint? Then it has proven itself in practice to store whole shoots or leaves in the freezer. During the long period in the oven or in the air, the essential oils, which make a significant contribution to the aroma, evaporate.


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