Planting plant stones: herbs, flowers, woody plants and more

Planting plant stones: herbs, flowers, woody plants and more

Use plant stones sensibly

Of course, plant stones can easily be planted individually. It looks nicer, however, if they are set up in interesting formations, act as slope reinforcement or as curb stones, for example for a bed, a herb spiral or a raised bed. If you didn't have a special plan for the use of your plant stones, you can simply build them up into a kind of pyramid that you can plant from all sides or spontaneously create a bed.

In any case, it makes sense to place the plant stones offset on top of one another so that each individual plant stone can be planted.

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Which plants for the plant stones?

Most of the time, the climate in plant stones is a bit drier, as the water drains off faster and they often get more sun. Therefore, you should rather plant drought-tolerant and sun-loving plants in your U-stones.

Particularly suitable for plant stones are:

  • Herbs such as lavender
  • Cushion plants
  • Hanging or climbing plants
  • Succulents
  • small perennials and bulbous plants
  • shrubs that remain small
  • Strawberries

Plant plant stones with herbs

Herbs love sun and warmth. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for planting plant stones. Lavender is grown here particularly frequently. But these herbs also feel right at home in plant rings:

  • rosemary
  • thyme
  • sage
  • Savory
  • marjoram

Only plant one plant per plant ring.

Cushion plants for plant rings

Cushion plants form a green carpet and often also spread a little over the edge. For example,

  • Blue evergreen
  • Star moss
  • Crawler
  • Carpet thyme
  • Lead root

Hanging or climbing plants in plant stones

If plant stones are stacked on top of each other, there is little space left for planting, especially in the lower ones. If you still want to provide plenty of green, you can plant your plant stones with climbing or hanging plants. These then hang over the edge and create a kind of green wall.

Succulents in plant stones

If you like it modern and easy to care for and can do without blooming, you can plant your plant rings with succulents. They need little water and no pruning. In addition, they are usually hardy and can easily spend several years in the plant stones. Place grass and decorative stones in between and cover the surface with pebbles. Your rock garden is ready.

Blooming plant stones

A sea of ​​flowers in the plant stones is welcome. Consider beforehand whether you want to let one color dominate, combine two colors (blue and white results in a very noble-looking combination) or whether you want the plant stones to bloom wildly colorful.

Plant trees in plant stones

Small woody plants are also suitable for plant stones, such as boxwood or bonsai versions of larger trees.

Grow strawberries in plant stones

You can even grow strawberries in plant stones. Mix in some compost in the soil to provide it with sufficient nutrients. Choose a creeping variety that will then have its delicious fruit hanging over the edge.