How does lemongrass have to be overwintered?

How does lemongrass have to be overwintered?

Lemongrass is not hardy and very sensitive to frost

Even when the temperatures drop below five degrees at night, the warmth-loving Asian spice should move to the winter quarters. In contrast to many other plants that have to overwinter in the house, the lemongrass needs a warm location.

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The following is ideally suited:

  • the heated winter garden
  • a heated greenhouse
  • a sunny and warm place on the windowsill

Since lemongrass also needs a lot of light in the cold season, the space must have sufficient daylight. If this is not possible, you can use plant lamps to provide sufficient lighting.

Hibernate lemongrass in a pot

If you have tended the lemongrass in the herb garden in the summer months, you have to move the spice into a bucket in autumn. Since the spice is very sensitive to waterlogging, first fill the planter with a drainage layer made of expanded clay (€ 17.50 at Amazon *). Normal potting soil is suitable as a substrate, which you loosen up with a little sand.

Carefully dig up the bulbs without damaging the roots. If the perennial has grown very large during the summer, you can now divide and multiply it. Put the lemongrass deep into the soil as the plant has pronounced roots.

Care during the winter months

Lemongrass is very sensitive to moisture and needs a dry climate. Only water the plant when the soil feels completely dry. Do not harvest lemongrass or thin out the plant too much during the winter months. Since there are enough nutrients in the fresh substrate, you do not have to fertilize the spice at first.