Small garden? Which fruit tree still fits in

Small garden? Which fruit tree still fits in

Growth forms suitable for small gardens

Small fruit trees can be obtained, for example, by grafting a common variety onto a poorly growing base. Suitable rootstocks were mainly bred in the English town of East Malling and are still distinguished by digits, which are preceded by an “EM” or “M”. For smaller gardens, the M9, M26 and M27 underlays - the latter is particularly slow-growing - are often used. In addition, special dwarf fruit trees were grown, which over the years develop a very thick trunk, but only a small height and a small crown. This shape is particularly common with peaches. Also very suitable growth forms for small gardens are:

  • Fruit tree raised as a bush
  • Spindle bush
  • Column or stick tree
  • Espalier fruit tree

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The best types and varieties of fruit for small gardens

Even if they are planted on a weak base, not all types of fruit are suitable for planting in a small garden. In the following you will find a list of popular apple and pear varieties that - appropriately refined and educated - do not take up too much space. By the way, berry bushes, grapes and the Indian banana, which is still little known in this country, are also very suitable for the small garden.


Many apple varieties in particular are considered to be extremely vigorous. The following proven and popular apple varieties, on the other hand, can be grown smaller for small gardens, many are also suitable for a container culture:

  • 'Alkmene': sweet and sour
  • 'Klarapfel': can be harvested in July, not storable
  • 'Braeburn': one of the best varieties for the small garden
  • 'Finkenwerder Herbstprinz': naturally small
  • 'James Grieve': good pollen donor for other varieties too


Pears can also be raised wonderfully as espalier trees. The following proven varieties can also be kept as small trees in the home garden:

  • 'Abate Fetel': needs a sunny, warm place
  • 'Santa Maria': also very suitable for planting in pots
  • 'Uta': new, remarkably small variety
  • 'Williams Christ': popular variety, very suitable for espalier form


Many trees can also be kept small with a suitable cut. However, if the tree's vigor is too strong, cutting is no longer of any use: the tree defends itself by developing water shoots.