Decompose tree stump - this is how it works!

Decompose tree stump - this is how it works!

Bring tree stump to decompose faster

A good hobby gardener will take the time for a tree stump to decompose on its own, even if this can take many years. However, it is also possible to ensure faster dissolution.

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For this you will need some materials and tools:

  • chainsaw
  • Wood drill
  • compost
  • Compost starter
  • Calcium cyanamide (Wurzel-Ex)

If used correctly, the tree stump will often have decomposed so much after a year that you can remove it from the ground more easily.

Work on a tree stump with a chainsaw

The chainsaw is needed to make small cuts in the tree root or trunk. Cut checkerboard patterns in the wood or tree root.

In the case of tree roots, it is also advisable to drill additional holes with a wood drill.

The purpose of this measure is to conduct oxygen into the wood. Compost or calcium cyanamide are filled into the openings.

Accelerate decomposition with compost and compost starter

You speed up the decomposition of the tree stump or tree roots by adding compost, compost starter and compost accelerator to the wood. These funds promote the colonization with microorganisms that are responsible for the decomposition of the wood. The compost should be ripe or semi-ripe. Make sure that the material is neither too dry nor too wet. You should repeat filling with compost every spring.

You can get Wurzel-Ex in stores to stimulate the decomposition of the tree stump. Calcium cyanamide is cheaper but just as successful. These funds are also placed in the holes. They supply the microorganisms with the nitrogen they urgently need.

Sow lawn over tree roots

A tree root decomposes faster if you sow lawn over it. To do this, however, you have to mill or saw off the top of the root in order to achieve a recess. This recess is filled with garden soil so that a layer about 10 to 15 cm thick is created. You can sow lawns or lay turf on it. You will then no longer notice anything of the process of decomposition.

Beautify tree stump while decomposing

You can integrate the stump into the garden design so that the tree stump does not appear so annoying in the garden during the long period of decomposition.

It can be planted or greened with climbing plants.

Even as an art object, a tree stump becomes a decorative highlight in the garden. If the work of art is to last longer, however, you have to prevent decomposition by sealing the tree stump.


If you want to remove the stump without digging it up, decomposing it is the only option. Bringing the tree roots to dissolve by burning or blasting is dangerous and is not allowed almost everywhere.